Did you know that you have the right to be represented by a broker? Even if salespeople tell you they don't want to deal with a broker? They have chosen to represent themselves. However, YOU do have the right to be represented, free of charge.

You only have to meet me from the start. Before I even look at the houses. I will explain the steps to you and you will therefore start off on the right foot.

I act then in your interest and so that you have the best price for your transaction.

I will do a market and coveted property assessment before helping you determine the price offered. So, if a seller asks for a slightly too high price, I will be able to demonstrate to him why the property is worth less, with supporting documentation.

I will make sure that all the necessary verifications on the property are made to your complete satisfaction and according to your requirements (checked the soil contamination register, house history, land register etc).

I'm here to protect you! It is my job. Yes, indeed, a fraudulent or bad transaction could put a buyer in a predicament. And cost him dearly. You don't want to be forced to buy a house you don't want. I'm also here for that!

To find out more, I will be happy to take the time with you, to explain the steps to you, and what my service includes. Because you are unique and you deserve a unique service.

Also, I will tell you about my SUTTON SECURE protection plan offered free of charge to all my customers!

A smart, different choice… A choice for life.

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